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Other Surname spellings: RECHERT, RECHARD, RECHERD, REICHARD, REICHERD, REICHHEART, RICKERT, RICKART, RICKARD, REIGERT, RIGERT, REIGHARD, REHARD, REHERD, REHEARD, REAHARD, REHEARD, REACHARD, REHARD, RYHARD, RIHARD, RHEARD, RECHER, REIGER, and RICHARD. Reichert is a Bavarian nickname surname. German nicknames came from eke-names, or added names, and tended to describe a physical characteristic or other attrubute of their initial bearer. Reichert is a name for a brave or strong person. It is a common name among the English, French and Flemish/Dutch communities, as well as the German, and stems from the words ric, meaning power, and hard, meaning hardy or strong. First found in Bavaria, where the name become noted for its many branches within the region.

This German-Russian REICHERT family has its origins in Hilsbach/Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Rosa REICHERT ROLL's ancestors

Paul REICHERT (1877-1954) and Katherine SCHMIDT (1880-1966) were both born in South Russia.  They had 10 children. We think Paul was born in Rastadt, Cherson, Beresan, South Russia because his eldest brother Jacob was born there 3 years before Paul's birth. Katherine was most likely born in Rastadt or München which is about a half mile northwest of Rastadt. The REICHERT family emigrated to North Dakota  around 1892 and settled in the Dickinson, Stark, ND area.
Paul's brother, Jacob REICHERT (1874-1961), married Katharina LANTZ (1875-1938) in Rastadt. Two of their children, Frank and Caroline, married Sebastian ROLL's (1873-1930) children. Paul's eldest daughter, Rosa, married Sebastian ROLL's eldest son, Michael. The REICHERT Family Tree Chart provides a clear picture. View the emigration papers of the REICHERT family in the "German-Russian Passports and IDs" section.
Enlargement (112K size) - Paul & Katherine SCHMIDT REICHERT's children.

Early 1900's - Carl REICHERT (1819-1912) is Paul REICHERT's grandfather.

About 1930's - Anna "Annie" SHAAL REICHERT KUHN KOFFLER (1856-1956) is Paul REICHERT's mother.

REICHERT Family Tree Chart

REICHERT Genealogists

REICHERT Surname Message Board at

ANDERSON, Orpha "Ricky" - 1050 SW Fleet St, Oak Harbor, WA 98277 - no email. - REICHERT
BADE, Gaby - of Germany - HOERNER, REICHERT
BROSINSKY, Tony - of Australia/Canada - REICHERT
GIESBRECHT, Sherry - of Alberta, Canada - REICHERT
ITTERMAN, Karen - of Alberta, Canada - REICHERT
REICHERT, Monica - of Calgary, Alberta, Canada - REICHERT


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