SCHAFF Family:
AnnaMary SCHAFF (1878-1908) is the daughter of Georg SCHAFF and Anna Mary DEGELE. She married Sebastian ROLL (1873-1930) .
Jacob SCHAFF (1871-1945) is the son of Martin SCHAFF and Magdalena SCHMIDT. He married Monica ROLL (1874-1903) .

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German-Russian SCHAFF Family:

Martin SCHAAF and Magdalena SCHMIDT Family:

George SCHAFF and Anna Mary DEGELE Family:

AnnaMary SCHAFF ROLL's Family

Anna Mary SCHAFF (1878-1908 Speier) married Sebastian ROLL (1873-1930 Rastadt) about 1894 in Richardton, Stark, ND. 

Anna Mary SCHAFF ROLL's parents: Georg SCHAFF (1847-1918) and Anna Mary DEGELE (1852-1914) were both born in Speier, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia. 

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SCHAFF Genealogists

An unofficial home page of SCHAAF families worldwide - Presented by Stefan SCHAFF in Germany.

SCHAFF Surname Message Board at
SCHAAF Surname Message Board at

The city of Schaffhausen, Switzerland historical and genealogical information site.

Gerhard SCHAAF of Ostallgaeu, Germany wrote July, 2001, "The Pfälzisch-Rheinische Familienkunde e.V. is a research association located at D-67061 Ludwigshafen (Pfalz), Rottstrasse 17, Germany. A SCHAAF genealogist, Karl Schaaff, is about 94 years old and I'm not sure if he is still alive. Karl Schaaff's documentation about the Catholic SCHAAF families from southwest Germany are deposited there. You may write to this address and ask for a copy of Karl's handscript documents."

Jess wrote, "My great grandmother is Carolyn (SCHAFF) JOHNSON from South Dakota. I have very little info so far about her family, but I do believe that her father emmigrated from Ireland in the late nineteenth century."

Jacob SCHAF ( ) of Porto Alegre, Grande do Sul, Brazil [google map] wrote to Mitch ROLL on May 15, 2009:
"My name is Jacob SCHAF (SCHAFF), the son of Mathias SCHAFF, whose father (my grandfather) also was named Mathias SCHAFF (Catholic religion and german speaking). My father was born in Speier in South Ukraine (Beresan District) and lived in Rastadt for sometime. By 1920, when my father was about 10 years old, my grandfather moved with his family together with a large number of other farmers from the Beresan disctrict to Slavgorot, near Omski in south Siberia [google map] where they received from the government new and very good land. At this epoch two of his brothers (or cousins) went to North Dakota, USA with whom he lost contact after many years. In 1929, after surviving two wars, he fled with his family to Germany and, with the help of the German government, emigrated together with many other fugitives to south Brazil in 1930, where they became known as Russian-Germans. Unfortunately my grandfather immediately died as consequence of his body injuries from the war. However, his descendents now form a vast group of families all over south Brasil doing a variety of jobs from farmers to professors in universities. In your Schaff family website [this webpage], the sibirian link has been lost completely. It may be worthwhile to re-integrate this link so that the US Schaff decendants also know their brazilian relatives.
Instituto de Física da UFRGS, Campus do Vale
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 9500,  C.P. 15051
91501-970 Porto Alegre - RS   BRAZIL"

Blacketer, Kyle - SCHAFF, KOFFLER
Dyer, Judy - KOFFLER
Ellingson, Julie (Schaff) - SCHAFF
Gilman, Richard - PEUGH, SCHAFF
Kohn, Pfalz, Germany in 1839 to MO, KS,
Heidecker, Diane (Roll, Burns) - MEIER, ROLL, SCHAFF, etc.
Igoa, Kaye & Rafael - JUDT, SCHAFF, etc.
Ingram*, Val - SCHAFFs and including many other SURNAMES!
Kersting, Betty (Hutzenbiler) - SCHAAF, SCHMIDT, also Buscholl, Emter, Hatzenbuehler, Himmelspach, Geil, Gregert, Klein, Krieger, Miller, Wagner, Wetzstein, Zentner
Kuntz, Victoria - - SCHAFF
Maupin, Eileen (Sagmiller) - SCHAFF
Savage*, Delores (Schaff) - SCHAFF
Schaaf, Herman of Germany - SCHAAF
Schaff, Betty - SCHAFF
Schaff, Bernetta - SCHAFF
Schaff, Kelly of Liverpool, NY - SCHAFF - Oldest known Schaff is Adam from France. He had a son, Henry, born 1862 in Paris, France. Adam was in the French military. Henry emigrated to NY State and had Irving Marcus Schaff, who had Irving Marcus Schaff, who had my husband, Andrew Schaff.
Schaff, Maria - SCHAFF
Schaff, Rebecca - SCHAFF
Schaff, Tes - SCHAFF
Schaff, Vyola - SCHAFF, SCHAFER
Zimmerman, Marny - of Manitoba, Canada - BERGER, SCHAFF, ZIMMERMAN

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