Hilsbach/Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

ROLL-Related Family Surnames which came from Hilsbach: REICHERT (The 2003 Hilsbach telephone directory lists only one REICHERT family: Juergen and Angelika REICHERT on Kreuzaecker 56 street.)

Hilsbach Civic Arms    

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Hilsbach's web site is at www.hilsbach.de. The word "hilsbach" translates to "healthy stream". A Hilsbach Town History book was published in 1979 by Franz Gehrig and might still be purchased at the Town Hall in Hilsbach.

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Hilsbach aerial view


ST. MARIA CATHOLIC CHURCH () - Hilsbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The first church was built in 1610

Hilsbach Inhabitant SURNAMES

ROLL-related surnames are in bold lettering.


Found in the old Hilsbach church records:

  1. REICHERT, Josephus, baptized 27 January 1795 in Hilsbach
  2. REICHARD, Franciscus, baptized 1 September 1765 in Hilsbach
  3. REICHARD, Carolus Josephus, baptized 16 April 1768 in Hilsbach, died 25 January 1796 in Hilsbach
  4. REICHERT, Carolus Josephus, baptized.........1791 in Hilsbach, died 17 January 1799 in Hilsbach under the name of REICHART
  5. REICHART, Friderici, baptized 17 October 1797 in Hilsbach
  6. REICHART, Antonius, baptized 18 October 1799 in Hilsbach, died 10 March 1801 in Hilsbach
  7. REICHARD, Josepha, baptized 15 July 1801 in Hilsbach
  8. REICHARD, Carolus, baptized 28 April 1804 in Hilsbach
  9. REICHARD, Justina Catharina, baptized 25 May 1772 in Hilsbach, died 3 March 1774 in Hilsbach under the name of Justina Catharina Reicherdin
  10. REICHARD, Anna Maria Josepha, baptized.........1774 in Hilsbach, died 26 October 1774 in Hilsbach
  11. REICHARD, Josephus Martinus, baptized 18 August 1779 in Hilsbach
  12. REICHART, Franciscus Carolus, baptized..........1782 in Hilsbach, died 25 January 1796 in Hilsbach

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HILSBACH Historical Cronology

(crudely translated from German to English)
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