Mike ROLL (1899-1972) Family. Mike is the son of Sebastian ROLL (1873-1930) and AnnaMary SCHAFF ROLL (1878-1904). He married Rosa REICHERT (1902-1979).

CHILDREN: John, Selma, Ann (DAUNHAUER/KUNTZ), Eva (ZENTNER), Barbara (KAUTZMAN), Jerome, Paul, Viola (DAUNHAUER), William, Sebastian, Delores (LEE), Gladys (HUMESTON/FARNES), Sally (SCHNEIDER), and Martin. NOTE: Mike and Rosa also took care of the HEINZMAN children, which were Mike's sister's, Mary ROLL HEINZMAN's, kids.

   ROLL Reunion

Mike ROLL Family

a. b.
Mike Roll as a) a young adult and b) on his wedding day.

a. b.
a) Rosa REICHERT ROLL on her wedding day. b) Rosa in the farmyard with geese.


Mike & Rosa Family Portraits

a. b. c. d.
a) Mike & Rosa with neighbors, Mike & Amelia Hellman b) Sons, Bill and Seb, with a lamb on the farm. c) Mike & Rosa with daughters at Glady's wedding d) Plowing snow on the farm.

a. b. c.
Arial views of the homestead farm which is located about 8 miles north of Burt, ND. a) In the 1950's b) In the 1970's c) Entrance road to the homestead in June, 2000.

a. b. c.
a) & b) Pictures of the homestead farmhouse. c) Mike and Rosa's retirement home in Mott, ND

Harvest time at the old Sebastian ROLL (1873-1930) homestead in the late 1930's or early 1940's.
From left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Mike ROLL [standing on thresher], 3 unknown kids, a visitor with her baby and Rosa REICHERT ROLL.

ROLL Reunion

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