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ROLL Reunion
  PRESENT DAY GERMAN MAP                                                 The town of ROLL, BAVERIA, GERMANY

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We found one town in Germany named "Roll". It is located in southeastern tip of the state of Baveria and is 10 miles west of Salzburg, Austria.
Germany has three major geographic regions: a protective mountainous area in the south, a central uplands region, and northern lowlands scissored by the great river valleys through which early settlers entered the country.
Over 82,000,000 people live in Germany and German is the official language. The ethnic make-up of the country is German (91.5%), Turkish (2.4%), Italian (0.7%), Greek (0.4%), Polish (0.4%), and other (4.6%). Religiously, the country can be broken down as follows: Protestant (38%), Roman Catholic (34%), Muslim (1.7%), and unaffiliated/other (26.3%). See the German history maps and read about the Germanic Tribes.

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   ROLL Reunion

"The German is like a willow.
No matter which way you bend him,
he will always take root again."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn -

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