GARTNER Family - Rose Mary GARTNER (1932-) is the daughter of Daniel D. and Katherine HEIDT GARTNER. She married William "Bill" ROLL (1934-)

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Rose Mary GARTNER ROLL ELL's ancestors

Daniel D. GARTNER (1904-1987) and Katherine HEIDT GARTNER (1906-1960). Dan was born in Glen Ullin, ND   and Katherine was born in Odessa, South Russia.  and their great grandparents came from Kirchhausen, Baden-Württemberg, and Leimersheim, Pfalz, Germany. They had 6 children: Rose Mary, Marlene, Ida, Vi, Esther, and Willie. Daniel D. GARTNER's parents are Dan GARTNER and Louisa HOERSCH GARTNER. Their small home in Glen Ullin is still standing and is pictured below.

Front Row: Marlene, Vi Back Row: Katherine, Ida, Rose Mary, Dan

Rose Mary pointing to the grave stone of her great grandfather, Franz GARTNER (1852-1904), buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Richardton, Stark, ND. His wife, Katherine STEBNER GARTNER, is buried in Glen Ullin, Morton, ND. Franz's parents are Michael GARTNER and Regina ROLL GARTNER HEIDT of Sulz, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia  .

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