Richardton, Stark, ND, USA

ROLL-Related Family Surnames which immigrated to Richardton: MISCHEL, ROLL

ROLL Reunion

1995 Terraserver on-line aerial map.

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1910 - View of the railroad station.

1900's - Street view of the MISCHEL building.

1900's - Inside the MISCHEL store.

Described for sale in July, 2003 on $45,000 Cafe/Barbershop, 10,500 square feet. This charming 2 story, brick building with a full basement, was built in 1908 and is in excellent condition. It is located on Main Street in Richardton, ND, a rural setting with very low taxes. The building has 3,500 sq. ft. on each floor. It measure 50X70 with gas heat, water, and air conditioning. The main floor has a NEW (since April, 2001) modern CAFE and ANTIQUE/GIFT STORE completely equipped with a modern kitchen, booths, tables and counters. Lots of frontage glass and complete front awning. The cafe seats over 60 people with a capacity of 72. Currently open daily for breakfast, lunch, early dinner and Sunday buffets. Hardwood floors can be found on the first and upper floors. A BARBER SHOP is also on the main floor as well as a handicap accessible apartment. The entire building is for sale, complete with all fixtures including expensive, professional outdoor signs and mobile billboard. There is ample parking for tour buses. This building has potential to be a BED AND BREAKFAST. Located next to Interstate 94 and crossroads are state highways 8 and 139. Prime hunting country for pheasant, ducks, deer and turkey. Now a strong tourist stop. Close to Teddy Roosevelt National Park and many other tourist attractions.

ASSUMPTION ABBY / St. Mary's Parish (1907) - Richardton, Stark Co., ND
a) The Abby in 1899.

   ROLL Reunion

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