MISCHEL Family - Katharina MISCHEL (1837-18??) is the daughter of Adam Joseph MISCHEL and Marianna SCHWEBEL. She married Johann Georg ROLL (1827-1878). Their son, Sebastain ROLL (1873-1930) , traveled from South Russia to North Dakota in 1891 with his cousin, Adam S. MISCHEL (born before 1885-1955)

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Katharina MISCHEL's ancestors

Adam S. MISCHEL (bef. 1885-1955) was born in probably Felsenberg, Christina, or Katharinental, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia.  He served in the Spanish American War (1897-98 between the US and Cuba).

Adam married Elizabeth HUTZENBUHLER in 1909 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Richardton, ND.

Adam's father, Sebastain MISCHEL, was born 1850 in Katharinental, Beresan, Cherson, South Russia and died in Richardton, Stark, ND in 1905. He married Katharina GARTNER, Katharina JOCHIM, and Katharina STAUDINGER. Katharina MISCHEL ROLL (1837-18??) is Sebastian MISCHEL's sister.

Adam's brother, Ferdinand MISCHEL (1871-1944) with his family. He married Susanna FORSTER (1871-1954).

Adam's son, Sabby, took over the lumber business his grandfather, Sebastain MISCHEL, started in Richardton, ND.

Adam's cousin, Adam F. MISCHEL (1875-1945). Adam F. MISCHEL's parents are Ferdinand MISCHEL (abt. 1846-?) and Marian GARTNER (?-1945)

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