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Prussia/Pomerania on-line map - mapping web site.

Maps of PRUSSIAN growth: 1440 to 1795 and 1807 to 1866
Notice the Pomerania areas marked in yellow outline.

PRUSSIAN name origin history: In 1234, veterans of the Christian Crusades in the Middle East were invited to stop the invasion by pagan Prussians (a Baltic cousin of the Lithuanians) and convert them to Christianity. The group establishes itself as the Teutonic Knights. In 1284 Teutonic Knights fully subjugate the Prussians, who eventually become extinct as a people and are assimilated by Germans, Poles and Lithuanians. The German conquerors adopt the name "Prussians" for themselves. In remembering the fall of Rome to barbarians in 479, the campaigns against the heathen peoples of Europe were justified as defensive wars against a potential threat. Many people saw the Crusades as pilgrimages to unknown exotic lands, many believed they were doing the will of God, many were there for the plunder, but all participated in a fascinating period in history.

Prussia (Source: The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy)