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Genealogy Books I have in My Personal Library

  1. The Agricultural Tractor: 1855-1950 R. B Gray
  2. The Boy Who Longed to Come to America Mela Meisner Lindsay
  3. Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763-1862 Dr. Karl Stumpp - Curt wrote: "Stump picked up the revision lists (RL) when the German army invaded southern Russia. Sometimes information in the RL has errors ie. spelling, omissions, Stumpp additions. Also remember, he did all this without the aid of a computer. There are misspellings, misplacements, etc. as well as false information. I sent him some data before this book was published, not knowing that he would include it in this book. Later, I discovered that what I had sent him was totally wrong. Now it appears in the book and is taken as "fact"! If he accepted what I sent him, how much of the first half of the book was obtained from others that might be in error? I have no data on the catholic villages. What you find up to page 497 you need to take with a "grain of salt" because there are entries that are questionable. If you go to page 236 and find Michael Buchholz, you will find Andreas *10.3.1838 in Hamburg. Stumpp took that from a letter I had sent to him. Later, I discovered that Andreas was not born in Hamburg but set sail from there. But, because it is now in Stumpp, it becomes "truth". You also need to remember that Height got a lot of his information from Stumpp. Having purchased documents from the Odessa archive, I have proof that, while Stumpp has done us a service, it is not always accurate. I might also mention that his maps include a lot of errors. If someone told him that a certain village was in a certain spot, that's where he put it - no verification. Don't get me wrong about Stumpp, I have worn out my first copy of his book and am on my second copy. His work was all we had to work with until the Iron Curtain fell and inroads into the archives were made."
    Dale wrote, "Stumpp in his book tells us that the ages should be given a plus or minus of a year or two at least, and we know for a fact that some times there were some mistakes made when the raw data was read - for several different reasons . . . think about how the old handwritten numbers "3", "5" and "8", if fuzzy at all, a transcriber could confuse these numbers easily. Those of us who spend serious time translating these works will well tell you that there are plenty of room for many errors to be made, and who of us can say that what was written down was the "correct" information when it was wrote down . . . so we must take with a grain of salt and keep an open mind. Often, the dates that have been passed down through the generations are not as pure as many of us would like to believe . . . one scene I try to reflect for folks: Think of the mother or grandmother being in her kitchen, a young person who now knows how to write and has an interest is writing down the data, maybe in the bible or something else, and the grandmother or mother is providing the information off the top of her head and this gets passed down to a later family researcher . . . then fast forward to the period of WW II when many records were being produced that we now treasure so much, and again people are taking from these earlier notes that was created in the kitchen by an ancestor, or from the family bible OR off the top of their head . . . and during WW II, can you imagine how the dates could have got messed around a bit for the earlier people or back about two generations? There is plenty room for differences in dates and years between family records and official records."
  4. Execution by Hunger, the Hidden Holocaust Miron Dolot
  5. From Catherine to Khrushchev Giesinger
  6. From the Steppes to the Prairies George Alberle
  7. The German Colonies in South Russia, Volume II Keller, P. Conrad
  8. German Russians - Two Centuries of Pioneering Dr. Karl Stumpp
  9. The German Russians Dr. Karl Stumpp
  10. Germanic Genealogy - 2nd edition Brandt, Bellingham, Cutkomp, Frye, Lowe
  11. The Germans by the Black Sea between the Bug and Dnjestr Rivers John Philipps
  12. Paradise on the Steppe Joseph S. Height
  13. Pioneers & Their Sons Volume 1 Msgr. George Aberle
  14. Pioneers & Their Sons Volume 2 Msgr. George Aberle
  15. Printer's Ink In Our Veins, "A History of the Mott, ND Pioneer Press" Walter Mundstock
  16. Secret Death-Defying Escape Finally Told Wally Wolsky
  17. The Tragedy of the Soviet Germans John Philipps
  18. Brettachtaler Heimatbuch Jürgen Hermann Rauser CITY(S) HISTORY BOOK - Dimbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany area
  19. Cronik der Gemeinde Jockgrim Dieter Rasimus CITY HISTORY BOOK - Jockgrim, Pfalz, Germany
  20. Glen Ullin Yesteryears 1883-1983 Glen Ullin Historical Society CITY HISTORY BOOK - Glen Ullin, Morton, North Dakota
  21. Kirchhausen-Fotografien 1877-1945 Schrenk, Weckbach, Schlösser CITY HISTORY BOOK - Kirchhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
  22. Mott, The First 75 Years 1907-1982 75th Anniversary Committee CITY HISTORY BOOK - Mott, Hettinger, North Dakota
  23. Richardton Heritage 1883-1983 Richardton Centennial Committee CITY HISTORY BOOK - Richardton, Stark, North Dakota
  24. German Talers (1700-1800) John S. Davenport COIN BOOK
  25. German Talers (Since 1800) John S. Davenport COIN BOOK
  26. Russian Coins (1700-1917) V. V. Uzdenikov COIN BOOK
  27. At Home on the Prairies VIDEO
  28. The Germans From Russia, Children of the Steppe, Children of the Prairie VIDEO
  29. Karlsruhe Census - 1858 CENSUS REPORT
  30. Katharinental Census - 1858 CENSUS REPORT
  31. Landau Census - 1858 CENSUS REPORT
  32. Speier Census - 1858 CENSUS REPORT
  33. Sulz Census - 1858 CENSUS REPORT
  34. Kochbah RECIPE BOOK
  35. Northern Plains Ethnic Cookbook RECIPE BOOK
  36. Sharing Our Best - "Mott Community Cookbook" RECIPE BOOK
  37. GRHC Map #1 MAP
  38. Numerous antique and current German, Russian, and North Dakota maps MAP
  39. Guide to Doing North Dakota Local History PAMPLET


? = unknown or a guess

{} = "see"/refer to... or notes/additional information

> = moved to... or emigrated to...

% = information is possibly wrong

b. = birth

bet. = between

c: = children

ca = approximate date (abt. = about/approximate)

d. = death

m. = married (1m. = first marriage, 2m. = second marriage)

p. = parents

UNKNOWN = person's first name (Unknown) or surname (UNKNOWN) is not known

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