A Tribute to Those Who Have "Left" Us

"We are beholden to our hardy German-Russian ancestors who braved the Atlantic Ocean to give us the opportunity to experience the American dream."

ROLL Reunion
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There is profound meaning
in weeping and aching for loved ones that pass away.
The more you love and miss them,
the greater the depth of grieving.

Our bodies are but a vessel
passing through
glorious uncharted waters
of a vast ocean.

When the time comes,
with their sails benevolently fading into the sun's rays
and disappear over the horizon,
may God fondly and humbly grace them
with mourning family and friends
standing proudly on the distant white shores.

With outstretched arms,
gently bowed heads,
streaming salty cheeks, and
sorrowful hearts deeper than a fathomless ocean,
we are immensely grateful to have been part of their lives.
We have reaffirmed the significance of their existence.

Let the fleeting fish know how much you loved them
by crying a sea of tears.
It is the truest expression
of pure love and solemn reverence.

To those who stay behind,
anchored firmly to the beach,
and breathing the gushing breeze of death's journey,
may you be blessed with overflowing and bountiful grief!

Mitch Roll
January 23, 2001

THOSE WHO HAVE RECENTLY "LEFT" US (1999 and forward):

Please submit any names, dates and places of those who have passed away since January 1, 2000 to reunion@@rollintl.com

   ROLL Reunion

"The German is like a willow.
No matter which way you bend him,
he will always take root again."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn -

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